Dauntless Is Updating its Behemoths to be More Deadly but Also Friendly

Dauntless is updating its Behemoths to be more challenging and dynamic, but also ensuring that the difficulty ramps up naturally.

The Behemoths in Dauntless are designed to be living and breathing creatures and to further reflect that the “Behemothologists” over at Phoenix Labs are making changes to their creatures based on player feedback and data. Though the game hasn’t officially released yet, Slayers in the game’s beta have done enough hunting to give the designers a chance to make fighting these beasts more dynamic and, at times, less frustrating.

While the updates that will roll out will continue to address more Behemoths, the first few to receive some updates are Shrike, Moonreaver, and Embermane.

Shrike, for example, is getting some changes to its attack pattern in order to more reflect its identity as a cunning predator. This means that it will now be more responsive depending on the challenge it’s facing. You can check out an example of this below.

Behemoths will also now be showing off some new attack patterns when they enter the enraged or Aether-charged states.

Next, Moonreaver will now be less of a leap in difficulty and the bleed effect has been reworked to increase damage taken and deal a hefty amount if you exhaust yourself. Also new, Embermane will now change its attack patterns and add hind-leg attacks when you break its tail.

Dauntless is set to come out at some point this year, but you can check out our interview with the developers here in the meantime.

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