David Cage on Beyond: Two Souls: "Play it Once and Don't Replay it"

One of the aspects that greatly enhanced Heavy Rain’s (2010) replay value was the prospect of experiencing different outcomes of your decisions and how they affected the end of the story. David Cage, Quantic Dream’s head and the director behind both Heavy Rain and the upcoming interactive drama, Beyond: Two Souls, went on record in the lead-up to Heavy Rain’s release stating that while the game contained a multi-faceted ending, to experience each and every ending would dilute the experience. It appears that Cage feels the same way about his newest game.

“It’s the same approach as for Heavy Rain: Play it once and then don’t replay it,” Cage said in an interview with Videogamer, “You can if you want, but I think the best way to experience the game is really to make choices and then never know what would have happened if you’d made a different choice. Because life is like this, and Beyond is the life of Jodie Holmes.”

For gamers that like to go platinum on their favorite games, obtaining every trophy will be kind of difficult if they play under Cage’s directive.

Beyond: Two Souls will star Ellen Page in the leading role of Jodie Holmes. The game is being developed by Quantic Dream for the PlayStation 3 and will be released on an unannounced date presumably next year.

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