David Cage: PS4 Is a “Fantastic Hardware” with “Incredibly Realistic Graphics”, enables “Totally New Features”

David Cage: PS4 Is a “Fantastic Hardware” with “Incredibly Realistic Graphics”, enables “Totally New Features”

Quantic Dream’s David Cage knows the PS4 quite well, well enough to be at the helm of a creation of the impressive The Dark Sorcerer tech demo, that turned quite a few heads at E3. Today he expressed what he thinks about the upcoming machine in an interview to the Turkish website Merlin’in Kazanı.

PlayStation 4 is a fantastic piece of hardware. It will allow to create incredibly realistic graphics, high definition characters and totally new features we never thought of. I cannot really talk about the future as we are currently working on it…

As a further interesting tidbit, Cage explained what he sees as a challenge in convincing gamers to play games with little or no violence and creating an emotional reaction in them in a market where visuals seem to be the most important element.

We try to have strong visuals AND narrative at the same time. For us, the biggest challenge is to convince players to give a chance to a game where the hero doesn’t hold a gun and doesn’t kill anyone. Our games try to offer very unique experiences based on emotion and meaning. I love talking to people who played Heavy Rain because they all tell me about their experience as if it was something that happened to them in real life. For me, it shows that the game really reached them emotionally, which is my primary goal.

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one that’s quite curious to see what Cage and his team will be able to create on the PS4 in terms of actual games. The Dark Sorcerer is downright jaw-dropping, but it’s still a tech demo. What “totally new” game features will it spawn? For now we can only wait and speculate.