David Hayter’s Solid Snake Returns for a Metal Gear Christmas Tale

David Hayter’s Solid Snake Returns for a Metal Gear Christmas Tale

Santa kept you waiting, huh?

Everyone loves a good Christmas story. Who can forget the classics? Ralphie’s quest to get an official Red Ryder BB Gun, Clark Griswold’s yearning for an unforgettable Christmas, Solid Snake’s mission to stop nuclear war. Wait a second, that last one doesn’t sound right.

If you’ve ever wanted a (somewhat) authentic Metal Gear Christmas story, you’re in luck. Earlier this week, Cam Clarke (the voice of Liquid Snake) posted a video on YouTube of a Metal Gear-inspired take on the classic poem “The Night Before Christmas”. Offering die-hard Metal Gear fans a real Christmas treat, Clarke is joined by none other than David Hayter, the original voice of Solid Snake.

Hayter begins the Christmas poem in true Metal Gear fashion, stating, “Twas the night before Christmas all through Mother Base, not a Genome was stirring, not even Skull Face.” Clarke then chimes in, “My weapons were hung by the bedside with care, in hopes that Roy Campbell soon would be there.” Hayter and Clarke continue to go back and forth, offering a pleasant, lore-filled exchange with one another.

This isn’t the first time Hayter’s reprised the role of Solid Snake. Throughout recent years, Hayter has kept busy since parting ways with the Metal Gear franchise, appearing in car commercials and lending his voice to games like Super Bomberman R. Most recently, Hayter’s Solid Snake returned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, marking the return of everyone’s favorite Metal Gear character to the Smash franchise.

While it’s fun to watch Clark and Hayter pal around, the duo’s video makes me wonder what a legit Hideo Kojima Christmas movie would look like. It would be great to see a pregnant Santa Claus (portrayed by Norman Reedus) stop a false-flag attack against the Santa’s elves. Except, at the end of the movie, it’s revealed that Santa Claus is actually a clone of Mrs. Claus. Actually, I need some time to workshop this. Give me about 100 hours to catch up on Metal Gear lore and I’ll get back to you.

You can watch Hayter and Clarke’s full Christmas video.