David Jaffe Chastises “Insiders” Who Ruin E3 Surprises that Developers Spend Months to Set Up

on June 5, 2015 3:58 PM

It’s that time of the year again, and many insiders, real or otherwise, are spilling alleged beans on the games and reveals waiting for us at E3.

Many doubtlessly enjoy reading them, and I can’t say I don’t enjoy writing about them (with moderation), but it’s probably much less enjoyable for those developers whose beans have been spilled.

Former God of War and Twisted Metal Director David Jaffe, now working on Drawn to Death, expressed today his own take on the issue, and as usual it’s a quite outspoken one.

Be aware that the tweets below include a certain level of profanity, so if you’re easily offended, you might want to skip them.

Having spoken about the issue with quite a few insiders and developers, and being pretty much in the middle, it’s hard not to see both sides here. Some insiders provide the information out of a genuine desire to inform, due to the belief that publishers don’t share enough with their fans and customers (while others do enjoy the attention, for sure).

On the other hand, it’s doubtless that the information they provide throws a wrench into the plans of many developers, who work very hard to deliver the information in the most impactful and possibly fun way possible, making it difficult not to understand Jaffe’s opinion.

As always, nothing is fully black or white, but on which shade of grey you prefer, your mileage may vary.

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