David Jaffe Explains Weapon Monetization in PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death; More Details Coming

on May 20, 2015 3:42 PM

Whenever there’s talk about a free to play game, questions on the business model are sure to follow. While we don’t know precisely how the upcoming PS4 exclusive Drawn to Death will be monetized, Director David Jaffe gave a bit more information about part of the model on the game’s official forums (You’ll need to login with your PSN account to see the post).

Trico, excited to share details of our biz model and I THINK we’ll be able to soon but for now let me say:

-90% (and maybe 100%) of weapons can be bought with real cash currency (BLOOD DIAMONDS), bought with currency you earn in game (WAR TOKENS) or rented with War Tokens where the rental price brings down the purchase price. So let’s say a weapon costs a dollar but you rent it for 10 cents for 3-5 games. After that the weapon will only cost 90 cents.

-There are ZERO weapons that are better than other weapons in all categories. So everything is designed to be balanced. A weapon that does more damage that another weapon will have a slow reload and small ammo clip, for example.

More details to come but I hope that helps for now?

So, basically we’ll be able to buy most (or all) guns in the game for either in-game or real currency, and also rent them, with the rental price subtracted from the purchase price if we decide to keep the weapon.

In addition to that, there’s no power difference between weapons, so paying with real money will just allow players to achieve more gameplay variety faster, without getting an actual gameplay advantage.

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