Dawn of War 2 Finally Dumps GFWL

on September 5, 2014 7:52 PM

Games for Windows Live is somehow still a thing after Microsoft decided to pull its head out of the water before it drown in the 11th hour. Despite this, GFWL days are numbered and it isn’t stopping developers from pulling the plug and moving their games to new clients.

The latest entry to join the company of such games as Batman: Arkham City, BioShock 2 and more, are the Dawn of War 2 games. Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2 and it’s expansion, Chaos Rising, have both officially dropped the clunky system in favor of Steamworks as of today, moving achievements to Valve’s platform while also adding Steam Cloud support.

Dropping GFWL may seem like a godsend to many, but the change does come at a small cost. LAN/Direct connect, referee mode and the ability to pause during multiplayer games were scrapped in the process of cutting out GFWL. While it is sad to see these go, I’m more than happy to know that Dawn of War 2 multiplayer will live on and that I can go smash some more Eldar heads with the Orks. WAAAGGHH!

What other games are you hoping get pulled from GFWL before it inevitably dies? Let me know below.

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