Dawn of War Moves Multiplayer to Steam in Light of Gamespy and Games for Windows Live Shutdowns

on May 29, 2014 6:37 AM

It’s been a tremulous year for PC gamers, with not one but two systems behind many older titles announcing that they’d be shutting down. For Dawn of War at least, Steam will allow gamers to continue to play, developer Relic has announced.

All Dawn of War titles have received updates that preserve the existing mutiplayer, using the same matchmaking system utilised by Company of Heroes 2. Relic is confident that this update will not just prolong the multiplayer but actually improve it, as everything is now run through a single Steam login.

Dawn of War II and the expansion Chaos Rising also used Games for Windows Live for some of its features, and this has also been rectified by the update.

In the short term, these changes will cause bugs however, but Relic state these will be fixed with time.