Day of Infamy Receives Free Dunkirk Update; Passes 200,000 Copies Sold

Day of Infamy Receives Free Dunkirk Update; Passes 200,000 Copies Sold

Day of Infamy has received a free Dunkirk update that coincides with Christopher Nolan's new movie based off that same battle.

New World Interactive finally released Day of Infamy, its World War II themed multiplayer FPS, on March 23 after a brief period in Early Access. Then, in May, a big free updating adding Australian units and a map set in the Rhineland. This weekend, Christopher Nolan’s new movie Dunkirk hit theaters, garnering critical acclaim, so the developers decided to release a new Dunkirk themed update for the game.

For those who may not know, the Battle of Dunkirk was one of the most important turning points of World War II. Many Allied troops were cut off and surrounded on the beaches of Dunkirk, France, but with the help civilian boats over 338,000 soldiers were successfully evacuated. Day of Infamy’s adaption of this battle has the Wehrmacht players attempt to push back the Commonwealth forces and successful capture Dunkirk.

In addition to the Battle of Dunkirk, this free update also adds a new map based on Battle of Breville. This battle only took place days after D-Day, and saw the British 6th Airborne Division take back the small town of Bréville-les-Monts from the Germans, with matches on this map replicating that battle.

The Dunkirk Update also brings a new foliage system to Day of Infamy, which the developers claim improves the graphical fidelity of the Source engine. This new system makes it easier for players to conceal themselves in the large grassy fields present in many of the game’s maps.

Andrew Spearin, Day of Infamy’s Creative Director, had the following to say about the two new maps being added in the update:

“Our Dunkirk map offers a unique gameplay perspective by inverting the flow of battle so it ends on the beach instead of starting there. The Breville map highlights our new foliage system while the gameplay is highly intense from extensive testing in collaboration with our community.”

In addition to this update, New World Interactive revealed that 200,000 copies of Day of Infamy have been sold. Day of Infamy is currently available on Steam for $19.99, but a bundle of it and New World’s previous title Insurgency is currently on sale for $20.23.

You can check out some screenshots and a trailer for the update below. Day of Infamy is now available on PC.