Day of the Tentacle Remastered Trophies are Mostly Bronze, Include Self-Aware Descriptions

Day of the Tentacle Remastered Trophies are Mostly Bronze, Include Self-Aware Descriptions

The trophy list for Day of the Tentacle Remastered has appeared on PSN Profiles. There are 58 trophies total split between: one platinum, one gold, three silver, and fifty three bronze trophies. The game has only one trophy list for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version, and supports cross-save between the versions.

Some trophies show Double Fine’s humor (such as the Number One and Number Two trophies that relate to toilets in the game), or are callbacks to other titles (such as the Costume Quest trophy for putting Laverne in a costume). Some are simple, with a trophy awarded for closing a door, and others play on the adventure genre’s often obtuse way of progression, with a trophy named Dialog Puzzles are Hard. You can read the full trophy list below, and look forward to playing Day of the Tentacle Remastered when it releases Tuesday, March 22, 2016.


  • OCD: Get all other trophies in the game


  • Yesterday’s News: Defeat Purple Tentacle yesterday


  • Number Two: Power Laverne’s Chron-o-John
  • Number One: Power Hoagie’s Chron-o-John
  • Flush: Acquire a diamond


  • You Suck: Vacuum up a hamster
  • You Call That a Hint?: Try to wash the dirty car with the brush
  • WWSCD?: Climb through the chimney with all three kids
  • Windsock it to Me: Change the flag
  • We’re All Brothers: Ask the IRS agents if they’re related
  • Voiding the Warranty: Try to put something metal in the microwave
  • That Should Have Worked: Hoagie uses battery with Chron-o-John instead of plug
  • That Only Works with Alligators: Try to flush the hamster
  • That Joke Never Gets Old: Squirt five different people with disappearing ink
  • Rap Sheet: Yegg: Open the safe
  • Rap Sheet: Vandal: Deflate Oozo
  • Rap Sheet: Trespasser: Find Fred’s basement workshop
  • Rap Sheet: Thief: Pick up 15 things that don’t belong to you
  • Rap Sheet: Kleptomaniac: Pick up 30 things that don’t belong to you
  • Rap Sheet: Fraud: Try to alter the contract with Booboo-B-Gone
  • Rap Sheet: Forger: Try to sign the contract yourself with the quill pen
  • Rap Sheet: Cheat: Disqualify Harold
  • Rap Sheet: Adventure Gamer: Pick up 45 things that don’t belong to you
  • Only Hoagie Can Make a Tree: Create a cherry tree
  • Only George Can Destroy a Tree: Destroy a cherry tree
  • Olive Branch: Return the stamp album to Weird Ed
  • Oh Right, I’m Playing a Cartoon!: Make a skunk
  • Of Course It Would Still Weigh the Same: Get a tiny sweater
  • Obvious, Really…: Make it rain
  • Now You’re Pushing It: Try to microwave the hamster again after he’s thawed out
  • Novelty Enthusiast: Get all six novelty items
  • Not Raised in a Barn: Close a door
  • Music Appreciation Award: Reach yesterday without turning the stereo off
  • Most Annoying Guest Ever: Ring the front desk bell 100 times
  • Moronic Drone: Get a job
  • Missing Pink: Try to mix the red paint and the Booboo-B-Gone
  • Mental Patience: Play the whole game without skipping a cutscene
  • Master Plumber: Flush 50 objects through time
  • It’s an Honor Just to Compete But Winning Is Better: Win the human contest
  • It’s an Honor Just to Compete: Enter the human contest
  • I’m Sure He’d Never Notice: Try to swap the textbook with the stamp album
  • Games History Major: Play Maniac Mansion
  • ESRB Violation: Laverne thinks about eating the cat
  • Energy Conscious: Turn off the television
  • Dude, It’s Like, Cannibalism: Hoagie eats a Hoagie
  • Don’t Try This at Home: Microwave the frozen hamster
  • Dialog Puzzles Are Hard: Get Fred to sign the contract
  • Costume Quest: Clothe Laverne in the costume
  • Coffee Achiever: Wake up Dr. Fred
  • Chef: Cook the hamster in Maniac Mansion (Don’t try this at home, kids!)
  • Chateau Eau Neaux: Make vinegar
  • Can’t Win and Chew Gum at the Same Time: Laverne tries the chattering teeth on her human during the human show
  • Behind Every Great Man Is a Quality Roadie: Red makes a super battery with only a little help from Hoagie
  • Are You My Mummy?: Talk to Dead Cousin Ted with all three kids
  • And Then the Universe Implodes: Try to mix the disappearing ink with Booboo-B-Gone
  • And Then the Universe Explodes: Try to mix the decaf and caffeinated coffees
  • Alas, Our Lazy Speechwriters Didn’t Cover This: Talk to Washington, Jefferson, or Hancock while they’re outside
  • …Take on the Words!: Sit through the end credits