Daybreak Studios Has Shifted Their Focus from Landmark to Everquest Next

on June 6, 2015 2:18 PM

Terry Michaels, Senior Producer at Daybreak Game Company, explained on the Landmark website that the studio’s focus will be on EverQuest Next going forward. Landmark, a piece of the overall game EverQuest Next, focused on players collecting materials, and creating unique buildings that had the possibility of making their way into EverQuest Next. In May, Daybreak focused on wipes and bug fixes, which they will continue to do.

Also, because they are dedicated to providing solid dates for when updates become available, the company does not want to say anything about new content for Landmark until they have specific timeframes. Michaels accentuates that they are still working on Landmark, albeit at a less regularly scheduled pace. Workshops will continue to be updated, although the Blueprints has been put on hold for now. He also offers an image of EverQuest Next (which is the thumbnail image and can be found below) as a small update on how that game is coming along, though is quick to point out it will not release this year.

This does *not* mean that the team isn’t hard at work on things that will eventually make it into your hands. We *absolutely* are! Essentially, as we develop tasks and systems that are in a state fit for Landmark, we will get them into the game with an update. We still want and need your feedback on what we’re making in order to make sure both Landmark and EverQuest Next are as amazing as we all want them to be.


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