Daymare: 1998 Hits Steam Greenlight and Production Continues

Daymare: 1998 Hits Steam Greenlight and Production Continues

After the cancellation of Daymare: 1998's Kickstarter campaign, it's continued development has been uncertain. Today, Invader Studios announced a greenlit status.

Last month, Invader Studios announced that its 90’s-inspired survival horror title Daymare: 1998 would be heading to Kickstarter. Unfortunately, it seems the Kickstarter’s goals were a little too lofty, as the project ultimately fell short of its $180,000.00 goal and the Kickstarter was canceled.

However, today the developer had some good news to share with the community eagerly anticipating how the project would continue to survive. In a statement, Invader Studios announced that Daymare: 1998 has found success on Steam Greenlight.

“We wanted to share the great news with you all. Thanks to the passion of our supporters, Valve has announced that Daymare: 1998 is successfully greenlit.

“We are all very excited by this news at Invader Studios. We did not imagine that we would be greenlit this quick and we are grateful to your support.”

In case there was anyone out there who was worried about Daymare‘s future, the developer went on to say that it “will continue to make Daymare: 1998 and will be back soon with more news.”

Following the launch of Daymare: 1998‘s Kickstarter, we asked Invader Studios a few questions about the inspiration for their title, including what the team feels has been lost in the survival horror genre since the 90’s.

“the mood, the atmosphere and also that sort of realism that permeates the plot, the characters and also the settings. The most important third person survival horror games were released during the 90’s, now more of the horror games in third person are shooter or action.”

You can read the full interview with Invader Studios here.