Days Gone Has Supposedly Received its ESRB Rating and You Can Probably Guess What It Is

Days Gone Has Supposedly Received its ESRB Rating and You Can Probably Guess What It Is

To the surprise of no one, Days Gone has now been revealed to have a Mature rating, even though its official listing on the ESRB's website has yet to appear.

Days Gone is rapidly approaching release this coming April and as such, it would stand to reason that the final pieces of information about the game would begin coming out. One of those small nuggets of info would be that of the game’s official rating, which has now seemingly been divulged.

As first spotted by Twisted Voxel, the official Days Gone page on PlayStation’s website now lists the game’s ESRB rating alongside other assorted images, trailers, and descriptions of the game. As you can probably guess already, Days Gone is marked as an ‘M’ for Mature rating due to blood and gore, drug references, intense violence, sexual themes, and strong language — you know, the usual slate of descriptors that typically come with a rating like this.

It’s worth noting that Days Gone’s official listing on the ESRB website has yet to appear, which is a tad bit odd. Still, the only additional information that this listing would provide would potentially be some brief nuggets about gameplay or story. Regardless of the page’s absence, there’s no doubt that Days Gone was always going to receive a rating of this nature. I mean, have you seen gameplay footage of it in action?

We’ll update you if there are any notable details that come about once the ESRB webpage goes live. Until then, you can keep counting down those days before release until they’re all gone (I’m sorry).

Days Gone is due out on April 26, exclusively on the PS4.