Days Gone Freaker Gets More Than It Bargains for in the Midst of a Lightning Storm

Days Gone Freaker Gets More Than It Bargains for in the Midst of a Lightning Storm

If you've ever wondered what a Freaker in Days Gone looks like when it gets hit by lightning, wonder no more as Reddit user theorder22 experienced this strange event with their own eyes

It’s been just over a week now since the release of Days Gone as an exclusive title on PlayStation 4 but in that short space of time the hellish, apocalyptic title came up trumps in the UK, overtaking Mortal Kombat 11 to reach the top spot in physical sales. As well as that, a patch came out to fix some issues players were having that made their PS4 crash – maybe it saw all the hordes of Freakers and needed some time out, who knows but it seemed to fix the problem for the majority of players.

If you have yet to play the title then you may not realize how much there is to do in this game, it’s truly packed with a variety of side-missions and tons of fun quests you can take on. One Reddit user who goes by the name of theorder22 experienced something a little unusual while partaking in one of these many missions that left the foul smell of Freaker flesh in the air.


As they were on a Bandit Ambush take-down and riding towards the top of the games many mountains, a Freaker was laying in wait but instead of the player having to take any action, mother nature decided to scream “I got you covered” and shoot a lightning bolt straight through the unbeknownst infected. Thankfully, theorder22 was able to retrieve its ear still – for context, you collect these from the Freakers you kill and then hand them in at camps for credit.

You can check out the short clip in its entirety below:

Freaker getting hit by Lightning Bolt from r/DaysGone

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