Days Gone Locations Brought to Real Life in Stunning Photography Shoot

By Rachael Fiddis

June 29, 2021

Beautiful shots taken from some of the real-life locations in Days Gone but, unfortunately, not a horde in sight!

Days Gone‘s world really is one of the most amazing places there is to discover. Hopping on protagonist Deacon St. John trusty motorbike and riding across the glorious landscape’s of Oregon is one of the many things that make Bend Studio’s latest title a worthwhile experience.

Days Gone – Features Trailer

Days Gone – Features Trailer

While, at times, taking in these splendid views of Crater Lake and the snowy hilltop mountains that lie above crystal clear waters is certainly one of the reasons in-game photo mode exists, these moments in Days Gone can be hampered by the hordes of treacherous infected.

Thankfully, Kevin McAllister has found a way to take in these beautiful views in real life without the worry of getting munched on and in the process, has discovered some locations that has inspired Days Gone‘s environment.

McAllister, who started off as a huge fan of Days Gone, quickly became one of the community’s most well-known photographers, forever taking stunning in-game images of every nook and cranny scattered within the title which he proudly showed off on his personal blog.

More recently, he was offered the position as Bend Studio’s Online Community Specialist due to his unwavering dedication to all things Days Gone and whist on a trip to Bend, Oregon in search for a new home to go along with his brand new role, Kevin took a trip around the area in search of locations from the game.

While travelling through the town of Chemult on the way to Crater Lake, McAllister stopped to take some comparison shots of what the real-life town and buildings look like versus how they feature in Days Gone.

As you can see, the town’s real Burger Stop is called “Burger Mart” in the game in the side by side shots as well as Chemult’s Wheelhouse Cafe compared to an in-game image of Days Gone‘s “Horseshoe Cafe”. It really is fascinating, especially seeing all of those train tracks and not one infected trying to come for your ass!

Kevin finally made his way to the famous Crater Lake and looking at those pictures, it sure seems like it was worth the effort. You can follow Kevin and his adventures over on Twitter and of course, if you have any cool photos that you have taken in Days Gone, make sure to tag him as he’d love to see them.

Days Gone is available right now available for PC, PS4 and PS5. If you’d like, check out our glowing review of the title right here.

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