Take a Look Inside Bend Studio Ahead of Days Gone’s Release

Take a Look Inside Bend Studio Ahead of Days Gone’s Release

PlayStation gives us a look inside Bend Studio ahead of Days Gone's April 26 release.

PlayStation has given fans a brand new look at the studio behind Days Gone in a short video interviewing a few of Bend Studio’s directors. Creative Director John Garvin and Game Director Jeff Ross lead us through a short discussion about the team. The video below briefly takes us inside the headspace of the studio.

The directors talk about how Bend has always been a studio that focuses on single-player experiences. When they were given the opportunity by Sony to build a new IP from the ground up, they knew they wanted to go as big as possible. That meant the team needed to get bigger.

The Days Gone team was about 40-50 people at the outset. Since then, the studio has swelled to about 130 people who have come over from other AAA developers. Ross notes that even though this is “biggest they’ve ever been,” it’s still surprisingly small for the size of the game they’re building.

Interestingly, the directors mention that many on their team – both new and old hires – are bikers outside of work. They all go on rides together and the team believes this helps them relate to the characters of Days Gone, making the experience that much more authentic.

Garvin also notes that one engineer on the team is behind the Freaker Hordes in the game. The engineer figured out how to get 500 enemies on screen and pushed to get it in the game. Garvin says that’s just one example of the many people they have working at the top of their game.

This is an interesting look inside the culture behind Bend Studio. It gives fans one more thing to watch as they eagerly anticipate Days Gone‘s April 26, 2019 release on PS4.