Days Gone Patch 1.07 is Out Now Fixing Potential Crashing Issue

Days Gone Patch 1.07 is Out Now Fixing Potential Crashing Issue

If you were experiencing consistent crashing in Days Gone after the game's latest patch, your problems should now be fixed.

It has been less than a week since Sony and Bend Studio released Days Gone but since that time, patches for the game have continued to roll out just about every day.

As of earlier this morning, patch 1.07 for Days Gone went live and with it, hopefully, a fix for a reported crashing issue has now been rectified. After patch 1.06 went our earlier this week, many Days Gone players reported that the latest update for the game was causing their PS4 console to crash back to the console’s dashboard at times while trying to play. These users reported the crashing problem in a thread on the official Days Gone subreddit.

Luckily, Bend Studio has been tirelessly at work and has already potentially rectified the problem in patch 1.07. The patch notes for today’s update are pretty nondescript, simply saying “bug fixes.” Hopefully, if you were having this problem yesterday, you can now rest easy. If you have further issues with the latest update though, you can head over to Reddit and report your problems.

As for our own thoughts on Days Gone, I figured I’d mention that our own review should be arriving here in the coming days. Our reviewer of the title has quite been enjoying their time with it so far from what they’ve told me, so it seems like we may be falling on the positive side of things. Keep an eye out for our full written review soon.

Days Gone is currently available now, exclusively for the PS4.