Days Gone for PC Has Appeared on Retail Website [UPDATE]

Days Gone has appeared on PC via Amazon's French website, but there doesn't seem to be much weight with this listing just yet.

UPDATE: A follow-up story to this report can be found here. Essentially, Sony has already debunked this listing and has said Days Gone isn’t planned to be coming to PC for now.

The original report can be found below.

Following the news earlier this year that Sony would soon be bringing Horizon Zero Dawn to PC in 2020, many began wondering what other first-party titles from the publisher could soon head to the platform, too. While God of War has previously been one candidate that was thought to be likely, another potential PC suitor has today gained some traction after a potential retail leak.

Appearing on Amazon’s French website, a PC listing for 2019’s release of Days Gone has now popped up. The page doesn’t offer up many details other than the fact that Days Gone is listed to arrive on Windows PC platforms. A potential release date, product images, and other various pieces of information that you would see on a product description like this have not been given, however.

Of course, just because Days Gone has appeared for PC on Amazon doesn’t mean this is a surefire thing that will happen by any means. Games seem to leak via retail websites quite often, but the accuracy of said leaks often varies wildly.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon’s French site also doesn’t even have a proper listing Horizon Zero Dawn as a game that is available for purchase on PC, either. Instead, it has one that features the game’s PS4 collector’s edition with accompanying images that is said to be coming to Windows PC, but that’s about it. Other variations of Amazon’s site, the U.S. iteration, for instance, also doesn’t have a PC listing for Horizon Zero Dawn just yet. For now, the only real place you can find Horizon Zero Dawn listed properly is on Steam, but even in this instance, it’s still not available for purchase just yet.

So all in all, this is definitely an interesting development to see Days Gone appear for PC on Amazon, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot just yet. Again, games have popped up on retail sites in the past only to never end up getting announced or releasing altogether. It’s hard to know which camp Days Gone for PC might fall in just yet based on this listing alone.

We’ll keep an eye on this story and let you know if there are any further developments in the future. For now, Days Gone is available exclusively on PS4.

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