Days Gone Player Takes Out a Huge Horde without Firing a Single Shot

Days Gone bad-ass takes on a massive formidable horde of freakers without emptying one bullet from their gun.

Recently, Days Gone celebrated its very first anniversary that saw an outpour from the community in appreciation for the title. In a week-long special event, we saw fans come together by showcasing a host of in-game photos, streams, videos, fan-art, discussions, and anything else Days Gone related. Many members of the Days Gone development team got involved too by placing #DaysGoneWeek after their Twitter names showing just how involved this incredible gaming studio is with their fans. Not wanting the party to end, Reddit user SpawnicusRex made an in-game video of them taking out 300 freakers without firing a single shot from their gun.

At the beginning of the 8-minute video, we see SpawnicusRex riding their motorbike through the variety of terrains that are scattered around the landscapes of Days Gone, rapidly accelerating through trees and unkempt roads. Finally coming to a stop, a hungry mass of freakers are laying in wait in the depths of a pit – feasting on something unseen. Getting themselves repaired to take on this unearthly battle, SpawnicusRex is seen crafting ingredients that include the likes of a proximity bomb, some attractors, and Napalm Molotovs that will all work together to take these savage freakers to their knees.

Taking a little time beforehand to survey the area with binoculars to pinpoint where barrels of explosives and petrol tankers are located, SpawnicusRex begins to make their way down into the mission known as the Iron Butte Horde. As seen in the video, firstly they start to place proximity bombs and remote bombs close to explosives so that when it comes time to take down the freakers, traps will lay in wait for them. Once all the prep is completed (which is around the 6-minute mark if you want to skip ahead) we see Deacon St. John throwing 4 Napalm Molotovs into the unsuspecting horde before turning on his heels to make a run for it. As what’s left of the furious freakers chases after him, they stumble into the preconceived and cleverly laid out traps – taking out a handful but more still come. Using the attractor which gives off a high pitched noise to lure freakers to it is set off by a gas tanker, more freakers succumb to a sticky death. But it’s still not over!

Rolling and throwing his way through the horde,  SpawnicusRex places more attractors and waits for the optimum time to set the bomb off again, gathering as many freakers into one spot as possible. As you can see from the bar at the top of the screen, only a handful or so freakers are still left standing until one patient and final detonation destroys them all and completes the mission. Keep in mind that not one bullet had left Deacons gun throughout the entire process and if you have played this game at all, you’ll know how difficult that feat is. During my own personal playthrough of encountering the hordes, I was shooting anything and everything whilst trying not to freak out to just survive it all so to see this much thought and discipline go into this incredibly difficult level is really brilliant.

I think this is why, amongst other elements, players come back to Days Gone time after time. There are a number of ways to complete missions that keep it appealing and fresh not to mention all the beautiful points of interest scattered around the map that you keep discovering while riding your drifter bike out in the wilds. I’m very excited to see what Bend Studio do next with this world as we heard last year, in an interview with GamesRadar, Bend Studio’s Chris Reese shared a bit more insight on the studio’s outlook on Days Gone after its release. When asked about the potential to expand on the game’s universe down the line, Reese responded that “it is certainly a passion of ours, and that’s what we’ve always wanted to do.” This is music to my ears as I loved my time in Days Gone so the potential for a sequel to expand on what Bend has established already with its post-apocalyptic, Freaker-filled world is very exciting for me.

If you’d like to read my review of Days Gone, feel free to head over here to give it a browse. Spoiler, I really liked it. Days Gone is available now exclusively on PS4. If you have yet to experience the game for yourself just yet, you can pick it up right now over on Amazon.


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