Days Gone Will Receive a Post-Launch DLC

It has been confirmed by Sony Bend Studio’s Community Manager David Lee that Days Gone will indeed get a post-launch DLC

By Rachael Fiddis

March 11, 2019

Days Gone is just within reach for eager fans of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by Sony Bend Studio as it launches next month on April 26th. But something else that is up the studio’s sleeve is that the developers have confirmed that Days Gone will get an unannounced DLC post-launch – it’s a pretty exciting time for Sony’s biggest first-party exclusive that we currently know of at this moment.

Unfortunately, no juicy details have been disclosed at this time on what the DLC will entail but Bend Studio’s Community Manager David Lee has teased that it will include the characters’ backstories and it will leave players with some kind of feelings for them and what made these characters who they are now – “We have unannounced DLC but we cannot tell you about it yet. So keep an eye out for that. With the main story, it should be sufficient enough to tell you the characters’ backstories that make you care for them one way or another.”

Over on YouTube, GamerBraves recently interviewed David Lee and had the opportunity to ask him some important questions like what has the studio done, development wise, since the title was announced at E3 2016 to which David replied that “the game has changed dramatically and visually, especially with the UI” and how thankful they are that PlayStation had given them the time and budget to continue the development of Days Gone.

David Lee also highlighted that the best way to clear a freakers nest is by using a Molotov – this provides the most effective and probably the fastest way to kill them all at once, even though you can use your other weapons, fire is the key to flushing them out. Mr. Lee talks further about collecting freakers ears, in-game decision making, collecting resources and many other important and interesting Days Gone information.

Check out the interview in full below:

Days Gone is currently poised to release exclusively for PS4 on April 26, a date that should stick now that the game has gone gold.

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