Days Gone Skill Tree Is Introduced in New Hands-On Video

Days Gone Skill Tree Is Introduced in New Hands-On Video

In a new YouTube video by JorRaptor, we get to gain some knowledge on what we can expect to find in Days Gone Skill Tree system

In the run-up to the open-world zombie game Days Gone, we are getting to know more and more about this long-delayed title as we draw closer to its April 26 launch. We already know that Days Gone will feature a photo mode straight off the bat at launch and we’ve been given an insight into the relationship between the game’s main protagonist, Deacon, and his fiance Sarah in screenshots – but what we haven’t seen as much of is that all-important breakdown of Days Gone‘s skill tree.

In a new video by JorRaptor over on YouTube who got some play time with Days Gone, they give some comprehensive details on what we can expect and see from the skill tree system. There are three skill trees in Days Gone which are spread out into Melee – which focuses on skills related to close quarters combat, Ranged – which focuses on gunplay and last but not least, Survival which is all about scavenging in the open world of Days Gone.

Each skill tree will have a combination of 15 skills divided into five tiers that you’ll have to unlock as you process through the game – just like most titles of this type of working skill tree system. In the Survival Skill Tree, you will notice that it features skills for alerting you to nearby items, survival vision, the collection of crossbow bolts, and also some stealth based skills like Thief in the Night that minimizes moving and falling sounds you make – giving you an advantage to enemies or just keeping yourself more stealthier.

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As for the Melee Skill Tree, well that seems to span from melee damage buffs to giving players the ability to perform actions like automatic takedowns after successfully escaping from a grapple, being able to repair weapons – that can get damaged from encounters – by utilizing scrap items found in the world, and quicker movement abilities to evade problematic moments such as facing off against the Freakers or by human enemies known as Marauders.

And the last one, Ranged Skill Tree which features skills that allow you to prolong time when aiming and focusing on enemies for a more accurate shot, increases your precision and ammo capacity, gain health when you headshot enemies because God knows you will need it and also the ability to reload while moving or sprinting.

You can watch the full Days Gone Skill Tree break-down in the video below:

You can grab Days Gone when it launches exclusively for PS4 on April 26. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game, you can do so right now over at Amazon. A collector’s edition of the title was revealed last month alongside some of the pre-order bonuses day one buyers can expect.

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