Days Gone’s Summer of Free DLC Starts Now with Survival Difficulty Mode

Days Gone’s Summer of Free DLC Starts Now with Survival Difficulty Mode

Days Gone is getting a summer full of free content. First up is a Survival Mode Difficulty and later this month Bend Studio is releasing weekly challenges.

Days Gone successfully released a month ago today. To celebrate, the devs at Bend Studio have released a new mode that introduces survival difficulty. The mode is the first of a number of free updates coming to the game this summer.

Survival difficulty is for players who found hard mode a breeze. The team is tweaking a number of settings to make this the most challenging experience someone can have in the Central Oregon wilderness. Enemies have hit the proverbial gym and toughened up. Plus, you can’t even get around them using Fast Travel. The mode also takes your HUD away and only lets you see it when you activate Survival Vision. If you can fight your way through this new difficulty mode, you’ll earn new exclusive bike skins and trophies.

Later in the month, Bend is putting out 12 weeks of challenges. Every week, “new combat, bike, or horde challenges drop” that puts unique restraints on you. If you perform well in the challenge you’ll earn patches that give you small gameplay improvements. These benefits do stack and you can carry them with you back into the main game.

You’ll also rank up as you play, giving you access to character and bike skins, as well as rings that provide more potent gameplay perks. Unlike patches, rings do not carry over into the main game. Instead, they’ll help make each week’s challenge that much easier to complete. The first challenge is coming in late June and asks you to survive an infinite horde attack. It looks wild.

Days Gone is available now on PS4. The game is currently on sale for Playstation’s Days of Play event, making it a great time to pick it up.