Days Gone Portuguese Voice Actor Filipe Duarte Dies at 46

Filipe Duarte, the Portuguese voice actor for Days Gone main character Deacon St. John, has passed away at the age of 46.

April 17, 2020

The video game industry is home to a number of number of talents across a range of mediums, and voice acting especially has seen a number of actors from every background lending their talents. Filipe Duarte, a Portuguese actor that had a brief time in video game voice acting but an extensive background in other mediums, has unfortunately passed away following his role in last year’s Days Gone.

Actor Filipe Duarte, who was a voice actor on Bend Studio and Sony’s PS4 exclusive Days Gone, has passed away at the age of 46 due to a heart attack. Several Bend Studio employees, such as lead open world designer Eric Jensen, shared their condolences at the news of Duarte’s passing, alongside a tweet from PlayStation Portugal:

Duarte was the Portuguese voice actor for Days Gone‘s main protagonist, Deacon St. John. Prior to his involvement with Days Gone, Duarte was most well-known for his roles across theater, television, and films in Portugal and other parts of the world. He was especially well-known from his roles in soap operas and Portuguese TV series. Most recently, Duarte was seen in films such as Variações: Guardian Angel and Mosquito, and recently completed work on the film Nothing Ever Happened, which is currently in post-production. Duarte also won the Portuguese Golden Globe in 2015 for his role on the TV series, The Invisible Life.

On behalf of all of us here at DualShockers, we express our deepest condolences for the family, friends, and loved ones of Filipe Duarte.

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