“Days of Play” Sale Promotion Announced by Sony; Gold PS4 Will Launch During This Time for $249.99

“Days of Play” Sale Promotion Announced by Sony; Gold PS4 Will Launch During This Time for $249.99

"Days of Play" Sale Promotion running from June 9 - 17 will usher in the new Gold PS4 and a host of software and accessory sales.

Starting on June 9th — the Friday before E3 — and running through until June 17th, Sony will be hosting a special promotion that it has dubbed “Days of Play,” a “thank you” to the fans sales event.

The event is set to mark the first time that the company has ever been able to coordinate a single event in every single country (that sells PlayStations). Further — and perhaps most notably — the event will also house the launch of the Gold PS4 for $249.99 USD, which has been rumored the last few weeks and leaked by a Target ad.

The Limited Edition Gold PS4 Slim will be accompanied by a slab of sales on software and accessories that will refresh daily during the period. Jim Ryan, head of global sales and marketing at Sony, adds:

“The PlayStation Store will see something cheap every day.”

Ryan also notes that there’ll be significant price reductions not only on first-party games but on third-party as well. He continues:

“We’re intrigued to see how people respond to the event at a time that’s traditionally very quiet for games. We’re going to have some really good deals.”

And there you have it folks: if you want a blinged out Gold PS4 or some great deals on games, then be sure to check in each day to the PlayStation Store from June 9 – 17.

In other recent and related news, Sony also announced yesterday that PS VR has sold over 1 million units and that PS4 is nearing 60 million. It also revealed that PS4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has sold 3.4 million copies as of April 30th, and that every one and five PS4s sold is a PS4 Pro.