DayZ: Developers Added to Focus on the Game’s Survival Aspects

on March 2, 2014 2:33 PM

Bohemia Interactive is doubling the size of DayZ‘s development team before they begin production on the game’s cooking system, inspired by Project Zomboid.

As announced on their Tumblr page, Bohemia is adding more developers to DayZ as the team looks to renew its focus on the game’s survival elements.

DayZ‘s cooking system will have players heating up food, just like real-life after a certain time the food will be ready for consumption. Much like the average cooker, it will also be possible to burn food, requiring it to cool down over time. Yum.

In addition to this, developers are also making preparations for updates, which hopes to decrease many issues with synchronization and finalizing all the animations for using two-handed melee weapons.

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