DayZ Update 1.12 - Patch Notes and Release Date

The new update will be available in less than 24 hours.

Earlier this month, Bohemia Interactive shared the initial experimental version of update 1.12, but today, the developer announced that DayZ 1.12 patch notes along with the update itself will be available tomorrow on April 2.

Bohemia Interactive is mostly known for its Arma trilogy, which is a popular action shooter series simulating military wars. However, the studio moved its focus on different genres in the previous years.

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DayZ is one of the latest efforts from the Bohemia Interactive team that drops you into a post-apocalyptic world, where you need to survive as long as you can.

DayZ Update 1.12 Release Date and Time

According to a recent tweet from the official account of the game on Twitter, DayZ update 1.12 will be shared officially on April 20 at 12 pm CEST/6 am EST. While the final patch notes are yet to arrive, you can have a look at previously shared experimental notes down below.

DayZ 1.12 Patch Notes

Here is a breakdown of the most important changes – for a full list, check out this link

Player vs Infected and PvP combat

The largest and principal component in the update.

  • Infected are deadlier up close – Each of their attacks now happens with greater frequency, meaning more strokes in each encounter. We even made them more resistant against damage from player melee. Tip: use heavier weapons when trying to stun them. 
  • Stealth will be your best friend –  We balanced out the infected’ response to sounds, such that it takes longer for them to react to nearby noises. Now, they will leave their target alone if they lose it and won’t attack unconscious players. 
  • PvP combat will feel different in DayZ thanks to a number of changes in firearms, protective gear, ammunition properties, and more. Read on below to find out! 

Polishing Firearms to Add Diversity and Variety to the Game

  • Introducing a brand new weapon to the game – the Pioneer. This special police force bolt-action rifle with a five-round 5.56×45mm magazine is a strong contender amongst the arsenal that’s already available and is a welcome addition to police areas across Chernarus and Livonia. 
  • There are also two new exotic knives to be found!
  • Non-automatic rifles have superior firepower and accuracy than automatic ones.
  • We also overhauled the audibility for smaller caliber weapons to make it harder to hear from the distance.
  • We revised firearm ammunition properties to add realism, paying close attention to damage parameters over player’s health depending on the type of weapon and ammo.   
  • Protective gear with ballistic properties (selected helmets and vests) now delivers higher protection to players from incoming fire, allowing for a higher chance of being knocked down and left unconscious rather than instant death.
  • Firearm suppressors make shots harder to be detected by the infected. 
  • Landmines are no longer lethal to healthy players. That being said, they will still cripple their victims, so watch out for them. If you manage to spot one before stepping on it, you can disarm it with the right tool.

Refined Nutritional Values of all Food Items in the Game

  • The changes to nutritional values took into account the fullness factor, the different cooking stages, the required storage space, the quantity itself, and whether the item requires a tool to open. 
  • We’ve also added 13 new food items, which will reinforce the existing food within player spawning areas. Most of the new food items are low in nutrition, meaning they’ll only provide a short-term energy supply.

Revamp Horticulture for Farmers

  • Practice horticulture inside various greenhouses across the world.
  • You can now plant potatoes! They need to be peeled before you can eat them, though.
  • Plants take longer to grow. The time varies between 20-50 minutes, depending on the type of plant and its nutritional yield.
  • The yield of a plant depends on the type of fertilization used.

* The final patch notes will be available tomorrow afternoon (CEST)

DayZ update 1.12 will be available on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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