DBD New Killer Chapter 22 - Is it C. Mora or The Alicanto?

November 2, 2021

Who are C. Mora and The Alicanto, could either be the DBD new killer in Chapter 22?

As of recent chapters, Behaviour has been releasing some incredible killers, making the game even more attractive, especially for killer mains.

The newest chapter is on the horizon and it’s about time we start digging in and finding out some facts.

Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil Collection Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil Collection Trailer

DBD Chapter 22 New Killer – C. Mora vs The Alicanto

Although there is currently no solid answer as to who the next DBD killer is, we’re guessing it’s between two options so far based on the recent teaser.

Who Is C. Mora?

Below is an excerpt from the page that Behaviour created to tease the upcoming chapter, it gives a little insight into who C. Mora might be.

“C. Mora was born in Chile, gaining notoriety during the nineteen-seventies after a series of surrealist, radically political murals caught the public’s attention. Little is known about Mora; the artist’s works have mostly disappeared over the years.”

We decided to list some of the major points for easier viewing:

  • C. Mora is likely female, when the page is translated into french the nouns are feminine.
  • She was born in Chile and resided there.
  • She is an artist who gained popularity in the 1970s.
  • Her artwork has suddenly begun resurfacing, 40 years later.
  • Mora’s artwork is heavily influenced by political movement and ideaology.

There’s potential that C. Mora might not actually be the killer and instead is the next survivor to join the roster, although there’s something intriguing about a killer artist.

Who Is The Alicanto?

Shares on the teaser site via Facebook resulted in the below image, which was originally blurred, to now become clear. This winged creature could very much resemble the Alicanto, a prominent bird in Chilean stories.

Here are some quick facts about the Alicanto:

  • The Alicanto, is a mythological creature from Chilean folklore.
  • It originates from northern Chile, the same area the error code coordinates leads to, find out more about that here.
  • The bird also eats ore, something found in the location mentioned above.

We’ll update this article when we find out more about the new killer in DBD Chapter 22.

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