DBD PTB Patch Notes Today, April 12 - Killer Update, Perk Changes

What's new in the DBD PTB patch notes from today, April 12?

There aren’t many multiplayer horror experiences that are as successful as Dead by Daylight. Today, the game’s PTB received a large update.

Dead by Daylight has been around since 2016, but hasn’t ever stopped adding new content that keeps players coming back for more. It seems like every few weeks there’s an announcement of a new killer, survivor, or map.

Today the DBD PTB (player test build) received a big update that makes some pretty large steps to rebalance the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the DBD PTB patch notes from today, April 12.

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DBT PTB Patch Notes April 12

You can find the full list of PTB patch notes right here. Below are the important killer and perk updates that are coming to the PTB.



For some time, The Nightmare has stood out from the crowd with a particularly high kill rate, averaging roughly 3 kills per match. With that in mind, we’ve made some slight tweaks to bring him closer in line with the rest of the roster.

We’ve decreased his movement speed while placing a snare to 4.0m/s (previously no speed change) and reduced the maximum number of placed snares from 8 to 5. Likewise, the maximum number of dream pallets has been reduced from 10 to 7.

A handful of add-ons have also received changes. Add-ons which previously reduced action speeds now make various actions louder (repairing generators, grunts of pain, and footsteps). Black Box also has a brand-new effect: When an exit gate is opened, it is blocked for sleeping Survivors for the next 10 seconds.

Alarm clocks have also received some tweaks to make their effects clearer and more rewarding. Using an alarm clock will now make you fully immune to sleep— including sleep caused by a Killer hit — for 30 seconds. This effect is now shown on the HUD by turning your sleep timer yellow and having it tick down.

With these changes, we hope to promote more strategic use of his Dream Traps rather than placing them constantly during a chase, as well as encouraging Survivors to seek out and use alarm clocks. We’ll monitor his performance closely and adjust where necessary going forward.


Our focus for The Demogorgon is to give it more mobility with its portals. We’ve made the following changes to base portals:

  • Increased speed while in a portal
  • Reduced cooldown after exiting a portal
  • Increased Undetectable length after exiting a portal

On top of these changes, we have done a complete pass on The Demogorgon’s add-ons to make some of the lesser used ones more appealing.


Don’t panic: We have not changed The Huntress’ base kit. We have, however, done a pass on her add-ons to bring them up to modern standards.


Last but not least, we have a small set of tweaks for The Twins.

  • Increased cooldown after successfully downing a Survivor with Victor from 3 to 5 seconds
  • Camera control is now immediately restored when taking control of Charlotte
  • Silencing Cloth: Increased Undetectable duration to 20 seconds upon taking control of Charlotte
  • Iridescent Pendant: Increased Exposed duration to 30 seconds when a Survivor crushes an idle Victor



It has come to our attention that some of you really hate small piles of bones. To aid you in your totem destroying mission, we’ve made some long-requested changes to Small Game:

  • Small Game now shows the number of remaining totems as tokens on the perk
  • The detection range decreases by 5° for each totem cleansed
  • Small Game no longer detects Killer traps

These changes improve Small Game’s ability to track and cleanse totems while also removing the antiquated part that only applies to specific Killers with traps.


Lucky Break now hides scratch marks in addition to blood pools to help you lose the Killer. To compensate, the total duration of has been reduced to 70/80/90 seconds.


A small change here: Soul Guard now has a cooldown of 30 seconds after activating.

Realistically, this won’t affect the vast majority of cases. This change is purely to prevent stacking healing speeds and Soul Guard from getting out of hand.


Take two for Open Handed: We’ve slotted this update back in for the upcoming PTB.

Open Handed now has an increased effect (8/12/16 meters), but no longer stacks with itself. This makes the perk more appealing on its own without needing to stack it with other Survivors in the match.


A very straightforward change: Zanshin Tactics is now permanently active and also has a larger range.


To remove some confusing intricacies with how Borrowed Time interacts with some Killers and the Oblivious status effect, we have removed the terror radius condition from the perk. To compensate, we have reduced the duration of the Endurance effect to 8/10/12 seconds.


This PTB also features the newly reworked Object of Obsession: Any time your aura is revealed to the Killer, their aura is revealed to you and gain a 2/4/6% bonus to healing, repairing, a cleansing speed. If you are the obsession, your aura is revealed to the Killer for 3 seconds every 30 seconds.

This new version has a few benefits:

  • Being able to track the Killer
  • Being able to deduce which aura reading perks the Killer is using when Object of Obsession activates
  • Being able to attract the Killer and then sneak away before they can get there

With these changes, we hope to make Object of Obsession a more fun and interactive perk for both sides.

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