DBD Trickster Buff Revealed in the Latest Dev Update

Trickster gets more knives.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

July 3, 2021

DBD Trickster Buff is one of the important parts of the latest developer update from Behavior Interactive.

Dead by Daylight has been of the most popular uneven PvP multiplayer games over the past years. The game represents 1v4 haunting matches, where four players should team up together against one crazy murderer in different maps.

The latest developer update for Dead by Daylight reveals the upcoming changes to the game, and the Trickster buff is one of the important parts of this new message from Behavior Interactive. Read the details down below:

Dead by Daylight | 5th Anniversary Limited-Time Event Trailer

Dead by Daylight | 5th Anniversary Limited-Time Event Trailer

Dead by Daylight Developer Update

DBD Trickster Buff

  • The number of knives required to damage a Survivor has been reduced to 6 (down from 8) 
  • The delay before laceration decay starts has been reduced to 10 seconds (down from 20 seconds) 
  • The rate of decay for laceration has been increased to 0.3/s while running and 0.4/s all other times (up from 0.235/s and 0.175/s respectively)  

Main Event

  • Main Event activation time has been shortened to 0.5 seconds (down from 1.5 seconds) 
  • The number of knives required to activate Main Event has been increased to 30 
  • Increased the amount of time you can hold Main Event to 30 seconds (up from 10 seconds) 

Melodious Murder 

  • With the number of knives required to injure reduced to 6, leaving this add-on as is would be a little too much. With that in mind, we’ve reworked this add-on completely to give increased reload speed at lockers instead. 

Iridescent Photocard 

  • Now, when a Survivor is two or fewer Blade hits away from the maximum, they will be Exposed. This will give you a larger window to work with. 

Death Throes Compilation 

  • This is another one that needed to change due to the lower laceration meter to prevent things from getting out of hand. Now, Death Throes Compilation will replenish The Trickster’s knives when Main Event ends.

Lucky Blade & Waiting for You Watch 

  • These add-ons didn’t see much use before, so they’ve been reworked with a completely new effect. Hitting a Survivor with a Blade during Main Event will extend Main Event’s duration. 
  • Last but certainly not least, we reviewed The Trickster’s perks and made changes to both No Way Out and Hex: Crowd Control. 

No Way Out Perk

  • Increased the base time of the perk to 12 seconds 
  • Increased the bonus time for each token to 6/9/12 seconds 
  • The perk only activates whenever a Survivor interacts with an exit gate for the first time, and you’ll receive a loud noise notification when they do.

Dead by Daylight is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The game is playable for free for the Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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