DBD x Resident Evil 5th Anniversary Stream - How To Watch, Start Time, Predictions

Dead by Daylight's roster will continue to grow with the new Resident Evil collaboration!

May 24, 2021

Dead by Daylight will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary with an in-depth reveal of the upcoming DBD x Resident Evil Chapter, which is set to release some time in June. Make sure you’ve got all the details of the upcoming Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary live stream to catch all of the big reveals.

There are sure to be plenty of big reveals during the Dead by Daylight stream, with plenty of Resident Evil content coming to the game in June. DualShockers have also got our own personal predictions on what to expect from the reveal.

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Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil Chapter

The Dead by Daylight team has been all hush about the upcoming Resident Evil Chapter, so fans will need to make sure to tune in to the upcoming live stream to find out more.


Thankfully, the official Twitter Account for Dead by Daylight has revealed the run of show details for the upcoming stream. Which is as follows:

  • 5 years of Dead by Daylight
  • Resident Evil Chapter Reveal
  • Year 6 Roadmap
  • The realm beyond update
  • Live Design
  • 5th Anniversary Celebrations

We also know that a new Umbrella Corp Charm will be arriving as an exclusive chapter item in June when the new Chapter begins. Expect plenty more content to be announced during the upcoming stream.

You can check out the official trailer for the DBD x Resident Evil Chapter above.


Although there aren’t any confirmations regarding the upcoming Resident Evil Chapter, it doesn’t hurt to take an educated guess!

As with most new Dead by Daylight Chapters, fans can likely expect new killers and survivors to join the roster. This time, expect iconic characters from the Resident Evil Franchise to join the game.

  • Killer: Lady Dimitrescu

With the launch of Resident Evil Village at the beginning of May, fans have since been obsessed with Lady Dimitrescu. We expect Dimitrescu to be a strong contender for a new Dead by Daylight killer, considering the sometimes strange obsession with the new 9ft tall Resident Evil villain.

  • Killer: Nemsis

Resident Evil 3 introduced one of the most iconic villains to the franchise, known as Nemesis. The monster Tyrant was created by Umbrella Corporation and has haunted my nightmares ever since. Being such an iconic Resident Evil character, expect Nemesis to be a strong contender for a new killer in Dead by Daylight.

  • Survivor: Jill Valentine

Jill is another icon of the Resident Evil franchise, she is an American Special Operations Agent and all-around badass. Considering Jill has survived countless encounters with the likes of Nemesis, we imagine she would make a perfect addition to the Dead by Daylight universe.

  • Survivor: Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy is the standout star of the world of Resident Evil, not only is he a fully trained police officer, but he is also a survivor of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident which occurred in 1998. Who better equipped to survive the terror of Dead by Daylight?

5th Anniversary Stream – How To Watch & Start Time

Fans will want to tune in to the upcoming Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary Stream on Tuesday, May 25 to witness all of the big reveals.

The stream will begin at 1PM ET / 10AM PT / 6PM BST on the official Dead by Daylight Twitch Channel.

You can also watch along live on the official YouTube Channel for Dead by Daylight.

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