Preview: DBZ for Kinect Exactly What You’d Expect, Still Pretty Fun

on August 24, 2012 11:32 PM

If someone were to ask you to visualize a Dragon Ball Z game for the Kinect, your first guess would probably be accurate. A lot of arm flailing, posing, and fake Kamehameha waves would probably make you feel ridiculous, but still invoke a sense of fun as you have a chance to see a visualization of all those times you pretended to throw a fireball (Don’t lie, we all know that you’ve done that before). At the Namco event in New York earlier this week, I had a chance to try out Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect and was surprised to find some fun in what I originally thought would be ridiculous.

The game is simple enough, you’re one of the Z warriors, facing off against enemies in the most iconic fights in DBZ history. Play as Goku, Piccolo, or young Gohan as you face off against Raditz. Maybe you want to play as Krillin when fighting Vegeta, the game gives you enough memorable battles to choose from. Once the game starts, you’ll alternate between swinging at your foe and charging up to fire off a Kamehameha wave or Destructo-Disc by posing at the screen and acting the move out. While some may think that posing like a goof while fighting through the saiyan saga is pretty silly, young or carefree fans may enjoy the chance to act out their imagination. Dragon Ball Z for Kinect will hit shelves on october 31st in the US.

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