DC Universe Green Latern Screenshots

DC Universe Green Latern Screenshots

2010 is quicky approaching and with it comes one of the most ambitious games on the horizon. That game, is PS3 (console) exclusive DC Universe online. As more time passes more information continues to trickle out including some kick ass screenshots. This time around we’re treated to some pics of what Green Lantern will look like in the game. Now out of all the DC characters, I myself was never into Lantern but he has a rabid fan following. I dunno is it just me or does he look like Captain Planet wearing green tights, a mask, and a sour apple ring pop? Either way, check out the screenshots below!

2 responses to “DC Universe Green Latern Screenshots”

  1. Green lantern was my favorite DC super hero when I was but a wee lad. 😉

  2. Al Zamora says:

    he does have a Captain Planet look about him, but then again that show was a Green Lantern rip off when you think about it.