DC Universe Online Beta Impressions - Super Powers

By Al Zamora

December 18, 2010

The DC Universe Online (DCUO) beta has shown us a different side to an MMO, one filled with heroes and villains. Since there is so much to talk about in the new DCUO beta I will break it into segments. Let’s take a trip and share some dirty secrets about what many are calling World of Warcraft’s dirty mistress.

Today’s segment is powers. There are a total of six power sets to choose from: Fire, Mental, Ice, Sorcery, Gadgets and Nature. These are pretty straight forward to figure out what your character will focus on but I will go into depth on two of them to give you an idea of what is available, gadgets and fire.

Fire powers give you just that the ability to control fire and burn enemies. You will end up getting powers of Immolation, setting yourself on fire or projectile style, dropping a fireball on someone’s head. There are also AOE, or area effect, fire spells where you can affect multiple targets and do damage over time. Fire is set to be a classic damage dealing type great for going right after enemies and setting their nose hairs on fire.

Gadget powers mimic that of a character like Batman where the majority of his specialty is having top of the line toys to kill enemies. Gadgets allow you to tie up enemies, create turrets and have explosives. The turrets are big, as they act as a stationary companion so you can agro mobs of enemies and bring them back to your turret. The turret is the same level as your character and will stay on the playing field as long as it is not destroyed or you un-summon it.

Powers are very broad and even in one class of powers there are multiple trees for you to experiment on. Remember that fire and ice are considered Defense, Sorcery and Nature are considered Healing and lastly Gadgets and Mental are considered Control. So pick what your play style will be down the line.

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