DC Universe Online Beta Impressions – Weapons

DC Universe Online Beta Impressions – Weapons

DC Universe Online Beta Impressions - Weapons

DC Universe Online (DCUO) Beta has shown us a different side to an MMO, one filled with heroes and villains. Since there is so much to talk about in the new DCUO beta I will break it into segments. Let’s take a trip and share some dirty secrets about what many are calling World of Warcraft’s dirty mistress.

Today’s segment is weapons: Bow, brawling, dual pistol, dual-wield, hand blast, martial arts, one-handed, rifle, staff, two-handed. The different weapons will determine what style of melee or ranged attack your character will implement, as well as the speed. You can choose something that may deal high damage but be very slow, like the two-handed weapons, or go the route of something more fluid that focuses on hand strikes, like martial arts.

If you want to be an up close fighter you will want to make sure you stay away from guns and vice versa. The weapons will also determine what weapons you can equip as you progress through the game, so if you don’t want to have your character with a staff you may want to go with something like hand blasts. This also plays a role as you would not want a character that is meant to be a mental fighter to be carrying a bow, let’s say.

The right weapon is very important because you will be using this along with your power set for the entire game. I actually chose dual pistol to try it out and ended up erasing the character as I hated how he held the guns. So make sure to preview your character and get a feel for him.

DC Universe Online will be available next week, January 11, 2011.