Dimensional Ink Games Interview -- Jack Emmert Explains MMO Pitching Process, DC Universe Online Support and More

Dimensional Ink Games discuss DC Universe Online, tease their unannounced "high profile action MMO" and more!

By Tomas Franzese

January 24, 2020

This past year has been very eventful for DC Universe Online and its team. Not only did the MMO go through new episodes like Justice League Dark, Metal Part I and Metal Part II, it also came to Nintendo Switch and the team behind the MMO was spun off into its own studio: Dimensional Ink Games. In addition to DC Universe Online, Jack Emmert and co. are growing their team and working on an unannounced “high-profile action MMO.”

Following the recent announcement of Dimensional Ink Games, Darkpaw Games and Rogue Planet Games, DualShockers talked to the heads of all three studios. During our interview with Jack Emmert, we touched on the response to the Nintendo Switch version of DC Universe Online, working with licensed IP, the new pitching process for these fledgling studios, and more!

Tomas Franzese: How will the development of this new title impact work on DC Universe Online? Should players worry about support waning soon?

Jack Emmert: We have the same size team devoted to DC Universe Online as we did last year. We’re not planning any cutback in our plans for the coming years. Heck, we’re hoping to grow the game and team!

TF: Has the recently released Nintendo Switch version of DC Universe Online met Daybreak’s expectations?

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JE: We’re very pleased with the critical reception of the game. Considering how good it looks on the Switch, I feel that the game was practically made for the Switch! And the fan base has been really terrific on there, too. Tons of folks are saying ‘it’s great to finally have a real MMO on the Switch.

TF: Following that, is Nintendo Switch a platform that Dimensional Ink Games will keep on the cards going forward?

JE: Definitely! It’s a fantastic platform that reaches a unique audience. What’s not to like?

“I enjoy working with IPs because I can focus on how to bring alive what’s special, rather than inventing from whole cloth.”

TF: How does creating an MMO with someone else’s IP differ from working on one’s own IP?

JE: It’s a huge advantage when getting started because a licensed IP already has established characters, stories, looks. As a result, developers don’t need to ponder all the possibilities and they can instead focus on how to execute what’s already there. On the downside, the developers need to wrestle with approvals, every IP holder has differing sensitivities, and there isn’t as much room for new stuff. Personally, I enjoy working with IPs because I can focus on how to bring alive what’s special, rather than inventing from whole cloth.

TF: What is the process for pitching new MMOs at Daybreak?

JE: Right now, the process starts with the studios. Darkpaw, Rogue Planet and Dimensional Ink each have their internal processes for new development. Once they get an idea, the studio can pitch it to Daybreak as a publisher. Daybreak can either fund it or not, but here’s what’s totally new: those studios can go to other places for funding. We’re not limited to Daybreak.

TF: Why did Daybreak decide to move forward with Dimensional Ink’s new MMO idea?

JE: We felt that it was the perfect game for today’s gamers. I can’t wait to talk about it more!

TF: What stage of development is Dimensional Ink Games’ new MMO currently in? Will we be hearing about it soon?

JE: That’s top-secret, but I hope we can spill the beans soon. And if any of you out there reading this are interested in building a next-gen MMORPG: come see me!

DC Universe Online is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and is now being handled by Dimensional Ink Games. You can also expect our interviews with Rogue Planet Games’ Andy Sites and Darkpaw Games’ Holly Longdale to go live in the coming days.

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