DC Universe Online Impressions – Quests

DC Universe Online Impressions – Quests


What would be an RPG if there weren’t any quests for you to complete? In today’s DCUO impressions segment, we will take a look at quests, or missions if you want to be a jerk about it.

The enormous world of DCUO is filled with more than just a few quests for you to complete. As you begin your journey across the world, you will be immediately given your first task of stopping Brainiac. Take on his henchmen with combos, critical hits and special moves. When you leave Brainiac’s underground lair, you’ll find yourself above ground where you’ll be able to move freely around the DC Universe as you wish.


A few of the quests that I completed were to save a bunch of citizens from evolving into angry gorillas and another was to attack a bunch of gorillas on the beach and confiscate maps out of their possession. So far a lot of the enemies in the quests seem to be a lot of gorillas and robots with a mass variety of different super heroes/villains running a muck. But, that’s fine by me because I like monkey-business. The overall difficulty of the quests that I have journeyed so far aren’t extremely difficult. I had a lot of fun with the quests that were given to me, and can’t wait for what awaits in the future for DCUO. There is still much more exploring to do and hopefully we’ll have more expansions on our first-hand impressions within the coming weeks.