DC Universe Online Sons of Trigon Launches With a Truly Evil Trailer

DC Universe Online Sons of Trigon Launches With a Truly Evil Trailer

Help Wonder Woman smack Trigon in the mouth. Grab your tights and call a friend, DC Universe Online just released its launch trailer for its latest DLC, Sons of Trigon, and we’re all going to Hell!

In this latest adventure the heroes are trying to stop big bad demon Lord Trigon from running a muck and being a jerk with the help of Wonder Woman. Anyone playing as a villain will be trying to free Trigon the Terrible from bondage so that Circe can steal his power. Curse her treachery!

Aside from from story content, you’ll have access to Celestial powers but here’s the list of goodies “Sons of Trigon” you’ll have access to today.

  • Solo Daily Missions in the Gotham Wastelands (with separate base camps for Heroes and Villains).
  • Three Duos: ruined Cathedral (featuring Wrath), Knightsdome Arena (featuring Envy), Tunnel of Lust (featuring Lust).
  • Alert: Trigon’s Prison
  • Weekly Bounties: take on the shattered soul projections of Raven in the Gotham Wastelands, found raving somewhere near the central Mausoleum. Villains will be sent to defeat her Good projection, while Heroes will be sent to defeat her Evil projection. Both versions of Raven will be a group boss (Suggested: four or more players).
  • New Powertype Celestial: Healer/Damage
  • Two Iconic Suits: for Heroes, the Prideful set (inspired by Raven). And for Villains, the Blood-Cursed set (inspired by Brother Blood).
  • Two Suits inspired by the new Celestial Powertype: Corrupted and Exalted, available to both Heroes and Villains Collection Reward Items: eight total (One inspired by Nightwing, and seven inspired by DLC8 NPCs).
  • Demonic Weapon Set: all 11 weapon types (available as loot from the Trigon’s Prison Alert).
  • New Player Base Items: 34 new base items
  • New Legends: Donna Troy and Cheetah

Sons of Trigon is out today on PC and PS3 for $9.99. Its also free if you’re already a paying member.