Daybreak Pleased With Response to DC Universe Online for Nintendo Switch

Daybreak Game Company and Dimensional Ink Games consider the Nintendo Switch port of DC Universe Online a success.

January 22, 2020

DC Universe Online is still going strong over nine years after launch. While it started out on PC and PS3, it has since branched out to current-generation consoles. In a somewhat surprising move, Daybreak announced and released a Nintendo Switch port of the popular licensed MMO on Nintendo Switch during Summer 2019. While the port had a few small issues, it was generally a great conversion and has seen consistent support since it arrived on the hybrid console.

With the recent announcement that DC Universe Online will be getting its own dedicated studio called Dimensional Ink Games, DualShockers talked with Daybreak and Dimensional Ink CEO Emmert about the game. During that interview, the Nintendo Switch version of DC Universe Online came up.

While Daybreak didn’t want to provide any specific player or revenue numbers, they are happy with the reception the port got from both press and players. “We’re very pleased with the critical reception of the game. Considering how good it looks on the Switch, I feel that the game was practically made for the Switch! And the fan base has been really terrific on there, too. Tons of folks are saying ‘it’s great to finally have a real MMO on the Switch.'”

In fact, they have been so pleased with the results that Jack Emmert says that Dimensional Ink Games will consider Nintendo Switch as a viable platform going forward. “It’s a fantastic platform that reaches a unique audience. What’s not to like?” While Dimensional Ink Games still can’t say much about its next project, it will be interesting to see if it will also come to Nintendo Switch.

In the meantime, Jack Emmert stressed that DC Unvierse Online will continue to see a wealth of support. “We’re not planning any cutback in our plans for the coming years. Heck, we’re hoping to grow the game and team!”

Tomas Franzese

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