DC’s Poison Ivy Cosplay Is So Good It’ll Make You Green With Envy

By Rachael Fiddis

July 2, 2021

Poison Ivy always looks the part but in this cosplay, her poisonous touch shines through.

Dr Pamela Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy is an intoxicating character straight from the pages of the fantastic DC comic books. While, at times, she may share the limelight with the likes of Batman, Harley Quinn, Cat Woman and other strong personalities, Ivy’s powerful presence is enough to keep this plant lover within the gaze of many onlookers.

Watch Harley Quinn | Season 2 Full Trailer | DC Universe | TV-MA

Watch Harley Quinn | Season 2 Full Trailer | DC Universe | TV-MA

As many of you Detective Comic lovers may know, Poison Ivy is a botanist and biochemist who possesses an incredible poisonous touch, enhanced physical abilities, and supernatural control over all plant life. She uses these skills for ecoterrorism purposes, targeting those who bring harm to her beloved nature.

Although, it’s not only the green variety that she can master. She also has the talent of being able to project mind-controlling pheromones over other humans leaving them in a state of intoxication. It’s of little wonder why she has received the iconic status she so rightly deserves and also why so many cosplayers love to slip inside the shoes of the temptress.

Posion Ivy Cosplay

Digital creator and cosplayer Izanami from Russia has done a fantastic job in her latest adventure into the mind of Poison Ivy. As you can see, Izanami has suited herself out in Ivy’s trademark green foliage as well as her emerald skin tone.

Playing the role of a seductress in this particular photo shoot, Izanami hones in on Ivy’s powerful alluring ways which, of course, is usually only to take control over the poor person who falls for it.

Izanami’s cosplay is made all the more lifelike thanks to her nature covered background, making viewers feel that they have stumbled across her while lost in a forest and then giving in to her persuasive gestures to their own demise.

If you haven’t watched the Harley Quinn animated series yet, I’d highly suggest doing so as it’s, in my opinion, one of the best around at the moment and highly comical, also Poison Ivy is amazing in it.

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