Dead or Alive 6’s Trailer and Screenshots Show New Fighter Diego, the Return of Rig, and Training Mode

Dead or Alive 6’s Trailer and Screenshots Show New Fighter Diego, the Return of Rig, and Training Mode

Diego and Rig add to the roster of Dead or Alive 6, and they show their hot action in a new trailer and screenshots featuring the training mode.

Following yesterday’s reveal, today Koei Tecmo followed up with the official press release featuring two playable characters for Dead or Alive 6.

The first fighter is a brand new one, Diego, and we get some official info about him.

Known as “The Uncrowned Street Hero,” Diego makes his DOA debut boasting the raw and brutal skills of a street fighter, utilising everything from headbutts to tackles in taking down opponents. This gritty fighter grew up in the back alleys of New York, earning money to support his ailing mother by competing in many street matches. Long rumoured to be the strongest fighter in his neighbourhood, he is seen by many locals as a hero as he utilises his experience brawling in confined quarters to impact fights with a set of strong-style moves.

The second new boy is actually a returning one, and it’s Rig.

Joining Diego is returning taekwondo master Rig, who boasts the “Kicks of Truth and Deceit.” Rig, who originally debuted in DEAD OR ALIVE 5, is a former oil platform worker whose kick-heavy style has evolved to incorporate more acrobatic manoeuvres. To kick-off their confrontation in DOA6, the formidable brawler Rig challenges Diego in a New York alley, and the two decide the time for conversation is over; it’s time to fight!

On top of their trailer, of which we included the official upload below, we also get quite a few new screenshots that also showcases the training mode of the game, that is being shown for the first time.

Dead or Alive 6 has been revealed just before E3 and is coming in early 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We also got the first details and plenty of 4K screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

You can also check out some recent gameplay, and read how the developers are targeting 60 FPS but won’t include the new girls from Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation.