Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation Gets New Way to Unlock Tamaki, But Still Behind a Paywall [NSFW]

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation introduces new events, a contest, and new gachas, but the new waifu Tamaki is still locked behind a paywall.

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation players saw a week in which the new character Tamaki was impossible to unlock due to the removal of her paid gacha, and the fact that Koei Tecmo and DMM still hadn’t introduced her in the standard gacha.

The good news is that now it’s possible to unlock her again via a brand new SRR costume named “Night Cage”. The bad news is that, just like the first, this is available only behind the paywall of a real money gacha with the usual ridiculous 0.77% percentage. I don’t use terms like “ridiculous” lightly.

If you want a shot at unlocking her without potentially spending ludicrous amounts of money on a nearly-hopeless paid gacha, you’ll have to wait, and we have no idea of how long said wait will be.

Incidentally, the Night Cage costume is probably one of the most unsafe for work of the whole Dead or Alive Xtreme franchise, equating to basically very skimpy lingerie (which isn’t surprising given her risque personality). If you’re in the office and your boss isn’t very understanding, I strongly advise against watching the videos and screenshots below.

For those who don’t want to spend money, luckily there is some recourse, even if Tamaki is off limits. Two different gacha offers a rerun of Honoka’s “Secret Heart” SSR costume, and a brand new one for Nyotengu, named “Marionette”.  Unfortunately, Nyotengu’s gacha has a 0.77% percentage for the SSR as well, while Honoka’s drops all the way to 0.43% (but you have a 0.06% chance to draw one of the other girls’ SSR costumes, excluding Tamaki’s).

We also get an event named Tower Festival – Golden Tower. It prompts players to challenge a number of “floors” of the tower, each of which includes multiple matches with no stamina recovery in-between, basically demanding the use of multiple teams at highest floors. The good news is that each cleared floor will grant you a SSR voucher, eight of which can be exchanged for an SSR ticket which grants a free SSR costume. This means that unless you get a duplicate, that will automatically unlock a new girl. It goes without saying that Tamaki is not included, even if you can possibly hold onto the ticket until she gets added to the pool.

Last, but not least, Koei Tecmo is launching a contest with rather big (virtual) prizes. You can send up to two screenshots of your girls (which must be in 16:9 aspect ratio and jpg format) to the address [email protected] You can have your model wear whatever costume and accessories you want, but she must have all three accessory slots filled.

The mail needs to include a title in Japanese or English (maximum 30 characters), a comment exclusively in Japanese (maximum 120 characters), your Nickname (maximum 20 characters) which will be made public if you win, and your DMM games ID.

The best picture will be awarded one million V stones. The second and third-ranked will get 100,000. The next five will receive 50,000, and twenty more will get an honorable mention and 10,000 V stones.

Incidentally, all these stones still won’t get you Tamaki, because they’re of the free variety, and you’d need the paid variety to use her gacha. The deadline is May 16th at 11:59 PM Japan time.

Below you can check out the trailer of the contest, and the introduction of the Golden Tower event, showing off Tamaki’s risque new outfit. If you want to play the game on your own PC (it’s only in Japanese but it’s fairly easy to understand) you can learn how to in our handy guide.

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