New Dead by Daylight Content Roadmap Revealed

New Dead by Daylight Content Roadmap Revealed

Behaviour Interactive has released this year's roadmap of content for Dead by Daylight, and it seems like it will be adding a slew of content.

If you’re a fan of Dead by Daylight and you’ve been wondering what the future of the game will look like then today is your lucky day. Developer Behaviour Interactive and publisher Starbreeze Studios have officially announced the game’s content roadmap for the year ahead, and it sounds like they aren’t stopping support anytime soon.

In terms of content, players will receive four new survivors, four new killers, four new maps, and new paid cosmetic items, although, of course, the exact list of this new content was not revealed. In addition to that, the game will also be getting an updated progression and ranking system, so that fans will feel more rewarded by how much they play the game. The PC version of the game will also be receiving a trial function similar to the PTR found in Overwatch and other games.

The game will also be receiving a number of miscellaneous additions, including an increased focus on anti-cheating and toxicity, as well as a new tutorial mode.

Finally, it was also confirmed that the game will still be receiving new seasonal events throughout the year.

Of course, there’s no specific time frame for when these features will be coming, however, it’s nice to know that Behaviour Interactive has a plan for the year ahead.

Dead by Daylight was originally released on June 14, 2016, and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.