Dead By Daylight Ji-Woon Hak 'The Trickster' - Lore, Perks, and more

Here is all we know about The Trickster so far.

March 2, 2021

Dead By Daylight is all set to bring some exciting new content for fans. Behaviour Interactive released a new update on Dead by Daylight PTB which adds a new killer, Ji-Woon Hak, aka ‘The Trickster ‘ to the game. There is a new survivor as well, Yun-Jin Lee, who will be making his way into the game. Many fans are curious about what The Trickster brings to the table, and what its backstory is. Here is all you need to know Ji-Woon Hak in Dead By Daylight, along with his perks and more.

Dead By Daylight Ji-Woon Hak ‘Trickster’ – Lore, Perks, and more

Dead By Daylight Ji-Woon Hak ‘Trickster’ – Load-out

  • Weapon: Polished Head Smasher
  • Power: Showstopper

Dead By Daylight Ji-Woon Hak ‘Trickster’ – Perks

  • Starstruck- Your unmatched showmanship dazzles all. Starstruck activates when you are carrying a Survivor. Survivors within your Terror Radius suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 20/25/30 seconds. Starstruck cools down for 90 seconds once a Survivor is no longer carried.
  • Hex: Crowd Control – A Hex that ensures those lesser than you are properly herded. The Entity blocks a Window for 10/12/14 seconds after a Survivors performs a rushed vault through it. The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.
  • No Way Out– You’re not going to let just anyone into the VIP room. For each of the Survivors you manage to hook, No Way Out gains a Token. When the last Generator is repaired, The Entity blocks both Exit Gate Switches for 8/9/10 seconds per Token in your possession, up to a maximum of 32/36/40 seconds.

Ji-Woon Hak ‘Trickster’ – Lore

Ji-Woon was quite a talented singer, and the game’s lore explains how he became one of the killers. He was recruited by Yun-Jin Lee, a producer with Mightee One Entertainment, and who is also the new survivor in the game. After he joined the boy band NO SPIN, he started to adore fame and popularity. However, as his fame faded over time, he started being envious of his bandmates because they took his share of fame. One day, a fire broke out in the studio and he left his bandmates to die. This marked the onset of his killer instincts. He “harbored a newfound addiction in controlling the lives—and deaths—of others.”

Ji-Woon became a murderer after that, and that had some serious repercussions. His music started faltering, and the studio restricted his creative control. He took revenge on the executive members of the studio by inviting them to a private show and incapacitating them using Nitrous oxide. After that, each of the members was tortured and executed live on-stage.  Yun-Jin’s execution was delayed and she was the sole audience member. When Ji-Woon went to strike her after executing the others, the Fog came in and took both of them to Entity’s Realm.

Source- Dead By Daylight Forums

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