Dead by Daylight Receives New Killer Leatherface Who Comes with Some Horrific Abilities

Behaviour Digital has revealed Dead by Daylight's newest Killer, Leatherface, available now on Steam. He looks like he has an appetite.

September 14, 2017

Behaviour Digital’s Dead by Daylight has a number of Killers for its Survivors to flee from in each match. Part of the game’s fun is trying to figure out which Killer is pursuing you without getting caught. Today, the development team announced a new Killer to fear: Leatherface.

Leatherface carries his trusty chainsaw (called Bubba’s Chainsaw) and comes from a family of cannibals. In case that’s not quite frightening enough, here are just a few of the abilities he comes with:

Knockout Perk: Attacks by Leatherface are too painful for Survivors to handle, making downed Survivors auras invisible to other Survivors when outside of a certain range.


Barbecue & Chili Perk: After hooking a Survivor for sacrifice, Leatherface’s bond with The Entity allows him to see momentarily the auras of all other Survivors that are outside of a certain range. It also provides 100% bonus Bloodpoints for any scoring event while a Survivor is in the process of being sacrificed.

Franklin’s Demise Perk: Attacks by Leatherface are so vicious that they cause Survivors to drop their carried items. Items lost in the fog will sustain damage, thus losing some base charges.

Leatherface is now available on Steam for $3.99. For more information on the new Killer, you can watch the spotlight video below.

In case you didn’t hear, Dead by Daylight is currently holding a free weekend on Steam from September 12 – 17. During that time, the game and all of its DLC is also 50% of its original price.

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