Left 4 Dead’s Bill Makes a Return in Dead By Daylight’s Latest Update

Left 4 Dead’s Bill Makes a Return in Dead By Daylight’s Latest Update

The iconic war vet Bill makes a return in a new update for the indie PC horror hit Dead By Daylight, with Bill added as a new playable character.

The asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight has become a surprise indie success since its debut last year on PC and will be heading (soon) to other platforms, while a familiar face from the Left 4 Dead series will be making a (posthumous) return in the game.

A new crossover has been announced between the indie horror game Dead By Deadlight and Valve, with Left 4 Dead‘s iconic, grizzled war veteran Bill coming to the game in a special cameo as he is “back from the grave to fight another day” in the asymmetrical horror game as a free addition on PC.

Alongside the new update that adds Bill into the game as a playable character, the update also adds four new Survivor outfits inspired by the characters from the Left 4 Dead series for players to use in-game.

Dead By Daylight originally released in June 2016 and features asymmetrical multiplayer, where one player acts as a deranged killer on the hunt for the rest of the players, who must avoid the killer and survive the night. Initially debuting on PC, the game quickly became an indie sensation thanks to its solid gameplay and strong interest from streamers, where the game has carved out a dedicated viewership.

Dead By Daylight is available now on PC and will head to PS4 and Xbox One later this year – for a closer look at Bill’s introduction to the game, you can check out a gallery of images below along with a trailer: