Dead by Daylight New Update Brings All-New HUD and Graphics Overhaul

In a recent developer update, the team behind Dead by Daylight revealed some of the biggest changes coming to the game this year.

Dead by Daylight is one of the popular horror-themed multiplayer games that has been supported by developers since its launch in 2016 with new content, new playable characters, and quality-of-life improvements. The same as every year, Behaviour Interactive will roll out some important updates in 2021 as well, and some of them have been highlighted in the company’s new developer update.

First of all, The Clown’s gameplay will receive some changes, including the addition of a new yellow gas that will boost the movement speed of each character who passes through it by 10% for a few seconds. The reload time for bottles is also reduced to 3 seconds and you won’t need to reload each bottle separately as every reload grants you a combination of four bottles.

The next big change will occur in the game’s HUD for both survivors and killers. The brand new HUD – which is shown in the video – will have a new option in Settings allowing you to customize their scale regardless of the game’s resolution. As the UI Lead behind Dead by Daylight described, with the new UI you will have better control over your items and skills, while getting more clear info about your teammates in the case of playing as a survivor.

The matchmaking system is the other section that will see some changes this year in Dead by Daylight. While the team is now testing some new matchmaking ratings, they will introduce a new Rank system in which players will be receiving monthly rewards based on the highest rank they’ve reached, but be aware that ranks will no longer affect the matchmaking system.

Last but not least, two other maps will receive visual enhancements in 2021. Gideon Meat Plant and Crotus Prenn Asylum will experience a graphics overhaul this year, and you can check out some early shots from both maps down below:

Dead by Daylight is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

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