The Next Dead by Daylight Chapter Adds Oni Killers to the Mix

Dead by Daylight adds a killer samurai warrior and a street racing vigilante to the mix of Killers and Survivors with the next chapter.

Dead by Daylight has become the game for anyone looking to play an asymmetrical survival horror game. Because of the one versus four gameplay, the game is easily streamable and has captured a sizeable audience in its three years on the market. Behaviour Interactive has not rested on its success and has been consistently pumping out new content for the game. To date, they’ve released 16 chapters, with some adding horror genre staples like Freddy and Jason to the list of killers. Today, the team gave us our first good look at the upcoming Cursed Legacy chapter. Give the new trailer a watch below.

The Cursed Legacy chapter is actually a callback to another chapter from Dead by Daylight. Previously, the team added “The Spirit” to the game in the Shattered Bloodlines chapter. The killer in this new chapter is an ancestor of “The Spirit”. He is a former samurai who’s wrath made them into “The Oni”.

Along with the new killer comes a new survivor. In this chapter, we’ll be introduced to Kimura Yui. She is described as a vigilant street racer, which tells me someone has been watching Fast and Furious lately. In my head cannon, Yui is a former member of Han’s (R.I.P.) crew who has been mindlessly drifting (pun heavily intended) through life until stumbling into the realm of “The Entity”. And don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

Dead by Daylight’s newest chapter will come to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in December. Until then, I suggest you go watch Tokyo Drift again to get you ready to jump into character as Yui. You won’t regret it.

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