Dead Cells Available Today on PC; Gets Bloody New Launch Trailer

Dead Cells Available Today on PC; Gets Bloody New Launch Trailer

A new metroidvania title has entered the arena. Dead Cells has officially gone into Early Access on PC today. Alongside the game's release, we also received a new trailer.

Motion Twin has released its rogue-lite metroidvania title, Dead Cells on PC today. Players who purchase the game within the first week can pick it up with a 15% off discount, bringing the price down to $14.44, originally $16.99. In addition to the launch of Dead Cells, we also received a new launch trailer, which can be seen below:

Dead Cells is a cross between a rogue-lite and metroidvania game. The game features nonlinear progression and actually allows you to unlock new levels with each death. Similar to other games in the genre, Dead Cells features secret rooms, hidden passages and relentless bosses. Since the game is releasing in Early Access form first, the developers stated that they hope to double the amount of content available by the time the game fully launches, which is scheduled in the next 8-12 months.

Here is a list of features currently available in Dead Cells:

Dead Cells combines the progressive exploration of a Metroidvania game, with the high-stakes replayability of a Rogue-lite inspired game. Special powers are available that unlock new areas and paths, secret rooms, big boss battles and other types of character progression. Randomized loot, fluid and fast-paced combat are complementary to the replayability of rewarding permadeath game design.

  • 11 levels – Each one with varied monsters, level designs and secrets to discover.
  • 2 bosses
  • Approximately 50 weapons and skills
  • 2 special powers, which unlock new areas (Metroidvania gear lock items)

Dead Cells is currently available on PC via Steam. The game is priced at $16.99 but players can take advantage of the release week discount of 15% off up until May 17, 2017.