Dead Cells' Meaty Corrupted Update is Out Today on PC

Dead Cells adds the Corrupted Update on PC, bringing a new biome, new items, and a nifty meta upgrade to the game.

Dead Cells15th update is the Corrupted Update and it is available today on PC. It adds quite a bit of content to the title and should give hardcore Dead Cells fans much more to play with. The team at Motion Twin has put out a handy video to guide you through everything coming. Give it a watch below.

One of the major additions coming with the Corrupted Update is a brand new challenge biome. The Corrupted Confinement is one of the shortest levels in the games but starts you off with a cursed chest. This level is meant to test your skills and the team warms to “beware of the blue birds”. Motion Twin is also adding the guaranteed cursed chest to the Prison Depths.

The new update also adds a new meta upgrade. The Recycling Tubes is a reward for finishing off the Hand of the King in BC1. Once you do that, each run with start with a choice between four sets of five items. This replaces the random starting gear from the base game and gives you a fun way to customize your build in the early stages of the game.

We’re also getting a new rune that reveals points of interest on the map, along with three new mutations. All of these open up interesting opportunities for new builds and should be fun to watch in the hands of a Dead Cells pro. Even with all this new content coming to the game, the main focus of the update is balancing the entire game. They’ve gone through everything with a fine-toothed comb to ensure the gameplay curve feels much smoother. There’s a lot there, so feel free to seek out the full patch notes.

Dead Cells gets the Corrupted Update today on PC. It should be coming everywhere else within the next few weeks. Along with the update, the announced that they’re bringing Dead Cells characters to the analog world. Motion Twin is partnering with Level 99 to bring the Beheaded to Exceed, a card game based on popular fighting video games. The mini-expansion is available for pre-order now.

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