Dead Cells Developer at Motion Twin Reveals That All of Its Staff Receive the Same Salary Regardless of Position

Dead Cells Developer at Motion Twin Reveals That All of Its Staff Receive the Same Salary Regardless of Position

French studio Motion Twin, developer of Dead Cells, discusses the importance of equality in its workplace and how a simple formula works for them

Equality has been a huge topic in recent years with many companies in the industry coming under fire due to the fact that some employees get paid more than others. This undoubtedly has caused an enormous ruckus between workers, driving wedges between people and bringing down the moral within the working environment. Developer Motion Twin has come together in a very simple and efficient remedy, and that’s everyone gets paid the same, no matter who they are or what they provide for the team.

In an interview with Kotaku, Motion Twin game designer Sébastien Bénard has stated:


“We actually just use a super basic formula: if a project finds success, people are basically paid more in bonuses, and everyone is paid the absolute same way. The devs and the artists are paid the same amount of money, and people like me who have been here for 17 years are paid the same amount as people who were recruited last year.”

Naturally, this method will always produce a happier atmosphere to work in, and with this the figures speak for themselves with Dead Cells, which is releasing for PS4, Xbox One and Switch on August 7, selling more than 700,000 units on PC alone before even leaving early access. Sébastien Bénard continues to speak on the importance of coming together as a team:

“Games are team projects, after all, and it’s “almost impossible” for anybody to definitively declare that their particular contribution of blood, sweat, and tears had more of an impact than anybody else’s.  Decision-making is also a team-based process, albeit one that doesn’t always require everybody to sit down at the table and argue their case.

“Small-scale decisions happen in Slack or around the coffee machine without too much brouhaha, but important strategic shifts and decisions that will impact everybody result in full team meetings. If a consensus doesn’t emerge, they take a vote. Sometimes that means people don’t get their way, and thats, “the tricky part.”

Dead Cells is available now in Early Access on PC, Mac, and Linux, while the game will officially release for PC and consoles on August 7th, 2018.